Eating out in a restaurant

We arrived 15 minutes before they officially opened the tables even though there was cutlery and wine glasses on them, we were asked to go and sit on a tiny sofa next to reception, this tiny sofa next to reception, also happened to be right by the kitchen.

The kitchen was far to noisy, so all I could hear was pots and pans being banged around, was driving me nuts, especially as the actual restaurant was completely empty.

When they decided to seat us, we had no choice of where to sit, so they sat us next to a window where there were people constantly walking past, so I had to sit with my back to the window.

As the restaurant was empty, I would rather have been sat straight away and be allowed to choose my own table, I would have chosen it at the back, in a corner out the way from everyone else so I felt some separation.


Usually when you go to any restaurant with table service, you get your drinks first, well not here. They took our food order which was actually very quick to come out, but still no drinks, oh no, they came after the food was served….go figure!

I am very fussy when it comes to what food goes on my plate, there’s always something that must not “poison” the rest of my food, 9/10 they bring my order with some gunk I had already asked to be taken off, for example…Lettuce, mayo,veg, sauces, salad, dressings etc

I HATE my food touching, so if I want beans, I have to ask for them in a  separate bowl so the bean juice doesn’t touch anything else.

When I have finally got my food and it’s correct, then 2 mouthfuls and they come round asking if everything’s ok, I hate that, I’m trying to eat my meal for crying out loud. I usually have a mouth full at this point, so I ignore them in the hope they would go away.

If I was to answer, they would regret it because I wouldn’t shut up, especially if I have found fault with the service, and no I wouldn’t hold back, I would be brutally honest and rude because let’s face it, they did ask didn’t they!

The restaurant didn’t even have different size drinks, (yes back to the drinks again) so if you run out of drink, you have to order another one, how ridiculous, why can’t they sell a large Pepsi?

So finally after the hassle with keep sending my food back, waiting on the drinks to arrive at our table and the stupid questions, I can now finally eat my damn lunch.

Food eaten, now the waitress walks back and forth passed our table without asking if we would like the table clearing or if we would like dessert, what a joke so that’s the next thing to set me off.

The only part of the meal (wherever I go) that usually goes well is the dessert, let’s just say I might have a little bit of a sweet tooth.  I love my puddings so much that it is rare that there’s something wrong with it.

Finally I am finished and paid and can leave, then, bam, the cold hits me, I’m very sensitive to the weather, can’t stand the cold because not only do I have Asperger’s, I also have Heart disease.

The heart medications thin my blood and slow my heart rate so I’m more perceptible to the weather, so everyone’s throwing on a light jacket in the spring, and I have my wooly hat, gloves and padded thick coat on, would be far too cold if I didn’t wrap up well.

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