Let’s start with cooking,

I’m not much of a cook, well I cant really cook anything. I can put food in the oven to cook simple stuff like chips, chicken dippers, you know the frozen kind, that sort of thing but that’s as far as it goes.

After it goes in the oven I get on with whatever I was doing before, that’s the problem, I get on with what I was doing before and completely forget about the food in the oven, I only realise I had put food on when I smell something by which time its usually burnt to a crisp.

Quite often I go to get something out of the oven and I forget it’s hot! I don’t see the DANGER and just grab the the tray without an oven glove and burn myself. I have done this a lot. Now I put food on but my wife always takes care of it from then on, unless she is out, in which case I eat sandwiches or cook things that cook quicker so I can wait for it so I don’t get distracted.


Food on my plate


I don’t like food touching on my plate it needs to be on its own, I don’t like food to mix so if I eat out and I’m ordering something like beans, I ask for it in a separate bowl.

When ordering, I read the menu to see what comes as part of the meal and ask for anything I don’t like to be taken off. More often than not it comes out with something that wasn’t on the menu so if it has a dressing on it goes back, if it has sauce on it goes back, if has salad on guess what? yep it goes back.

I don’t like mixed foods, all foods should be separate there are some exceptions though, curry and rice, lasagne, stew…. as long as there’s no veg in it.

Some pies are fine but there are some things I think are just wrong.  My wife once bought sausage and bean pasties in, they just should not be allowed. Beans should never be in a pie, pasty or anywhere except in a bowl on their own.





I don’t like certain food textures, for me only certain foods should crunch.  Things like toast, crisps, biscuits, crackers, things like that but my burger should NEVER crunch! this is why I don’t like lettuce as I don’t like the texture, bacon should be soft not crispy and sandwiches should not crunch. You can probably guess that I don’t like crisp sandwiches, I know a lot of people do, but I just don’t like a sandwich that crunch.

I know I’m a fussy eater and that it makes it difficult to cook for me, or to eat out with me. When it actually comes down to it, it’s fairly easy as I’ve been doing this for quite a while so I can usually order without too many problems.

We do on occasion still have to send food back but this is mainly down to food being on my plate that wasn’t on the menu, and if that’s not bad enough drinks don’t get much better. I’ve more or less quit drinking alcohol. I used to drink but have never been a big drinker but I just started going off the taste. I will still have the odd drink but it seems pointless as I usually want a normal drink after just one drink like a Pepsi or a coffee. So more often than not I don’t drink at all. I don’t think I’ve had an alcoholic drink in two or three years which means I only drink soft drinks and usually a pepsi or coke.

For a meal, I like a large drink as I tend to drink a lot before and during the meal, I find I get a dry throat very easily and need to be sipping constantly throughout a meal, and I like my drinks cold so I like ice and I don’t like slices of lemon or lime but again I’ve been doing this so long that ordering drinks is easy.

Please contact us below and tell us a bit about yourself, any suggestions, your own experiences etc


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