My Aspergers Sensitivities


I obviously have some sensitivities to social situations this is the main part of my Asperger’s. I’m talking about the other sensitivities like Cold, Noise, Food and Clothes.

My food sensitivities and general fussiness have been well covered in previous posts. So I’ll focus on the others.



I seem to be a lot more sensitive than most to the cold.

I think I own five or six sets of different woolly hats and gloves, and jackets, I’m always buying jackets, I own at least ten coats.  Mainly with hoods for extra warmth, But I also have some without.

Different thickness’s for different times of the year, I even own thermal trousers for the winter, and this time of year when its coldest I wrap up like I’m going to the north pole.

Most people who come to my house comment how warm it is, and my wife is the opposite of me, so our house is to hot for her. At night I sleep with a thick duvet and sometimes if its particularly cold I also have  a nice thick fluffy throw on the bed.

My wife on the other hand is covered only by the thinnest throw so she’s not too hot and its same in the summer.

I can’t sleep without a thick heavy duvet for some reason, the covers need to have a certain weight to them, or it feels really uncomfortable…… this leads me onto clothes sensitivities.





I will only wear soft clothes, I find jeans too harsh unless they are stretch jeans as these tend to be softer, but things like jogging bottoms, the cotton ones are fine. I wear these all the time mainly around the house, but I do also go out in joggers sometimes.

Shoes is another one, I like soft comfortable shoes so more often than not I wear trainers but I also have some roll top boots, I buy roll top as the ankle part is softer, however I don’t roll them. Most of the roll top boots I own are fur lined and as these are much softer and warmer, they tend to be my winter boots.

Even in summer I tend to wear trainers, even on the hottest of days I would NEVER wear flip flops, I find them very uncomfortable and I hate the bit between my toes, on top of this I hate having my feet exposed……(I hate feet)!

I don’t wear shirts unless I have to, and if I do I will never wear a tie! I will always wear the top of the shirt open as I don’t like things being tight around my neck. The only shirts I wear are Polo Shirts as they are much softer. I wear hoodies but I will only wear zip up hoodies as I find that pull over hoodies also feel tight around my neck and are irritating.




I have a lot of sensitivities to noise, this tends to be my main sensitivity.

I am very sensitive to bass music, when I hear this I have to cover my ears to block the sound out, this is because it feels really really loud to me,  not only that but when the vibrations from the bass travel through your body it makes me feel like I’m being electrocuted.

Kids screaming or babies crying, this is one I can only tolerate in very short bursts and if it goes on for more than a few seconds then I have to leave the room.

I own four sets of in ear headphones and two maybe three pairs of over the ear headphones, I carry around at least one set of in ear headphones with me at all times, and one set of over the ear headphones.

If I find a noise unbearable then I will put my headphones on to try and block it out, the main things I need to block out are people arguing. To someone else what may be general background noise is like an army of people yelling at me, I can’t distinguish between the noises and they all come in at the same volume.

If I’m trying to talk to someone or they try to talk to me when say the TV is on or music is playing, then I can’t understand what they are saying and I can’t think when there is background noise.

It needs to be turned off or at least turned right down so I can concentrate on what you are trying to tell me or what I am trying to tell someone else. I also cannot understand if more than one person is trying to speak to me at the same time. It needs to be one at a time or the information just will not go in.

Please contact us below and tell us a bit about yourself, any suggestions, your own experiences etc


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