My Daily Routines

Daily Routines

I have many routines, I have a routine for most things I do really. Just about everything I do, at least the things I do regularly, I have a routine for. Not necessarily at a set time but a set way.

I have a routine for the way I shave, the way I shower, take my medication, go to bed, even go to toilet, for example my bed time routine start to finish, takes around two hours.

It starts with going to the bathroom to go to the toilet and do my teeth but I also play a couple of games on my phone. It usually ends up taking me around 30 minutes in total, sometimes longer.

Then I’m ready to go to bed, I get undressed and get into bed, then and I put my phone on charge, check social media (as you do) and my blog, then put my headphones on and catch up with 30 to 60 minutes of TV this is my chilling out time.

I have the lights off as my wife has usually fallen asleep while I was in the bathroom and everything is quiet and calm so all I can hear is the TV, or if I have nothing to watch then I listen to music.

Then when all of that is done I go to the toilet again, get back into bed and turn off the TV (which is acting as my light), change from my headphones to my earphones and select a calming playlist on my phone that I listen to, lay down and make sure I’m well covered by my Quilt and go to sleep.


I don’t really know why I do these things in this way, I only know I get frustrated if I can’t do them the way I want to.

I was recently admitted to hospital, while I was there they tried giving me my medication at different times to which I usually take them, and trying to give me some medication in the morning that I have at night and vice versa, they even tried to give me some meds at the wrong dose.

I was getting very upset at this and was telling them what medication I should take, when I should take them, as in whether it’s the morning or night and what time I should be taking them, and what dose I should have. In the end they let me self medicate.

Unfortunately soon after this I was transferred to another hospital and had to go through this all over again.

I find comfort in my daily routines which start as soon as I wake up, right through until I go to sleep again.

I don’t like change, so if  I’m planning on going out for example, I go and visit my daughter and grandson one day a week on a set day and if that day changes for any reason I am OK with it as long as I’ve had at least a couple of days notice, any less and it upsets me and my planned routine goes out the window and causes me distress.

I plan everything!  I plan what I’m doing on my days out, I Plan what I’m doing when  I’m at home, and any change to what I had planed to do is very frustrating.

These are the things that start to overload me.

If  I’ve had to be social or my routine gets interrupted or anything happens out of my control that I didn’t want to happen, it all builds up until I finally shut down and I need quiet time, time to do what I want and how I want, to be on my own until I feel myself again.

This can be just one calm day or it could be several, it all depends on how I feel, sometimes it can take longer than others…..

Please contact us below and tell us a bit about yourself, any suggestions, your own experiences etc


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