My Obsessions


Day to day all Aspies/asd’s suffer with obsessions, some are mild some are a little more extreme. Some are important and some are not.

Some of our obsessions give us comfort while others get in way of us getting on with the things we need to do.

One of my obsessions is the television, I don’t like to watch anything live, I like to watch tv that is recorded, downloaded or online. That way I don’t have adverts. If I am watching tv and adverts come on I get bored, lose interest and find it difficult to follow whats going on.

Watching TV the way I do, I either have no breaks, or I can fast forward them. Obviously no ads is better but because I record everything I watch, every morning I have new programs to catch up on.

In the morning after I’ve had my meds and breakfast, if I’m not going out, the next thing I do is check to see what programs I have to catch up on. Then I feel I need to sit down and catch up with my shows before I can do anything else.

As I’m writing this blog, at my wifes suggestion I’ve not looked to see what I have to watch yet so that I can get this post done first or it will never happen.

All I can think about is how much TV I have to get through. It affects my day and I need to try to work on this so that I can get more done.

Another obsession of mine which I consider to be mild, is the kind of obsession that is good, my obsession with being cold. This time of year if I go out I will ALWAYS wear a coat, wooly hat (beanie) and gloves. But on occasion I have gone somewhere and forgotten my hat and gloves, or the weather has got colder and I need them, I start to panik.

For this reason I carry two spare sets of hat and gloves, not just one but two in my bag just in case.

This to me is a good obsession as when I get too cold I get very bad pains in my ears and head.

Other obsessions that I have are with food, food must not touch each other, and there must never be food on my plate that I don’t like or I won’t eat any of it.

Driving, I feel very uncomfortable if I’m in a car and I’m not driving .It makes no difference how good or bad the driver is I just have to be the one driving.

The way I wash up, the way I shave, the way I plan my day, how I write lists, how I make coffee,all have to be done in a certain way, (My way).

I have a lot of tiny obsessions in the way I do things and get very anxious and frustrated when something can’t be done the way I want to do it. As I’ve said some of my querks are comforting to me, they are in my daily routine. Others affect me and the way I go about my life, so as a result I need to try to structure my time better.

Please contact us below and tell us a bit about yourself, any suggestions, your own experiences etc

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