This weeks highs and lows


Monday was going really well, I knew I would be out all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning so I had my week planned. I have some work to do today, but not that much, so I relaxed and thought I’d catch up on some TV this morning.

After lunch get my work done, and then that should all be done by dinner time and I can have my dinner and relax. I should know better than to think my day is ever going to go as planned by now.

I knew my daughter was having her hair done but would be back to pick up Aston from school. Well her day went pear-shaped and she called me up and said could I pick him up from school.

Now I should point out it’s about a 35 minute drive from my house to hers and she gave me around 3 hours notice, not the 2 days I prefer to have, but she had given me 3 hours and I always try to help her when I can, it’s not really enough notice for me but I’ll make do.

Now I knew I wouldn’t get all my work done in time. I knew I should have started it this morning! Anyway, I get over to her house and she’s having her hair done there, so I wait until school time, go and pick up Aston and come back.

By the time I got back she was almost done but still had to drive her friend home. But she said “if you lend me your car seat I’ll take him with me” no problem so I fitted the seat in her car, she left and I left.

Now I could get back to my day. First the drive home and as I’ve mentioned before, I love driving so that in itself was relaxing, and then back home to my comfort zone to finally do some work.


Tuesday, is a regular day for me, It’s the day that we call DAD DAY, it’s the same day every week that I spend the day with Juno and Aston, we spend some of the day at her house and go in to town if either of us has things to do.

We also have lunch out in one of the many restaurants around, it’s usually a nice relaxing day and we pick a restaurant that is quiet so it makes it more enjoyable. But this Dad Day didn’t start well as Aston had a melt down and it went on for some time.

I can only stand it for a few minutes before it’s really hurting my ears and head. That was problem one, the rest of day was going as normal all fairly pleasant. Aston and I had been playing while Juno got on with some course work. We had lunch at Juno’s and went out for coffee in the afternoon.

We had our coffee and hot, well warm chocolate for Aston, but then we were looking for a seat and there were two tables available.

I wanted to sit at the one with comfier seats, but there was a child playing right by the table. I had no idea if her parents were in the toilet or what, anyway we sat at the other table, which as it turned out had very comfortable seats, but this child was still playing on her own, I kept looking around but nobody was looking to see where she was and nobody was calling her to come back and sit with them.

Now as I’m sure most of you will agree the hard and fast rules that we follow, whether we want to or not are; tell the truth ALWAYS, follow the rules, even the unwritten ones and sometimes even though it’s on your mind and you want to say things, you just shouldn’t.

(This is a rule that is seriously enforced when I am with Juno, she is sensitive to other people’s feelings and she has ingrained in me that my opinion or what I’m thinking shouldn’t be voiced loudly in public when she’s with me, due to a certain incident that I will describe in another post)

When I realised that nobody was paying her any attention I wanted to stand up and ask which terrible parent or guardian was responsible for the girl, as anyone could have grabbed her and gone off with her, and I thought in this day and age that was really, really bad.

I have had occasions like this before and I know Juno hates them so I bit my tongue. But it was driving me mad, anyway she finally left and it turned out she had not 1 but 2 people looking after her (both doing a terrible job).

After that the rest of my day went really well got back had some more time with Juno and Aston then a pleasant drive home and a relaxing evening.


Wednesday started going wrong on Tuesday as Juno told me she had an appointment that was going to clash with picking Aston up from school, so could I do it. So now I’m spending the day at her house working on my laptop rather than going home and coming back, as I was there alone, I would have peace and quiet to work.

The morning school run was a nightmare (if you’d like to read about that descent into hell then read my other post “School Run”).

Then I got back to Juno’s and got on with my work, and got everything done that I wanted to do. Juno came home from college and we had an hour or so together, then she went off to her appointment and I went to get Aston from school.

Which I’m happy to say went a lot smoother than the morning. Aston and I watched some TV and Aston had some food while we waited for Juno. On her return she suggested we go out for dinner, we went to a local pub that we have eaten in several times before.

However, this time it was much busier than normal as we usually visit at lunch times not in the evening. The shear drone of so many people caused me real problems, it was hurting my head it was just too noisy, and because so many people were talking at once I was finding it very difficult to listen to Juno and Aston.

One minute I could hear them talking then all I could focus on was someone else talking on another table.

Then I picked up someone else talking and that was all I could focus on. I struggled to pick out one person in a sea of noise to listen to, it’s like wearing headphones while 20 different songs are playing.

It’s very difficult to filter, and all I wanted was my headphones, which I had left at Juno’s house. Dinner went well other than the noise, we didn’t have to send any food back which doesn’t happen very often, as soon as we were done eating we left.

Back at Juno’s now, I helped her get Aston sorted for bed said “Goodnight” to him and chatted to Juno for a while then enjoyed the quiet drive home, by this point I was definitely looking forward to some quieter days ahead.


This was my first recovery day, my first chance to recharge so I was planning on no work today just relax and do my own thing. The day was spent watching TV reading and googling some stuff. Every time I want to know about something or find answer to a question that I don’t know I Google it, as I’m sure we all do.


Recovery day 2. this was going to be a more normal day doing some work, catch up on some blogging and social media, do some reading to try to get some inspiration and when I’m done, I get to relax before we roll into the weekend.

It’s going to be a busy week next week so today and over the weekend I wanted to get in front of things to ease my workload for next week.


Saturday was supposed to be a work day but I got a little side tracked, well, very side tracked and ending up getting carried away with my own things, which I thought would only take the morning but ended up taking all day.

I didn’t even get any reading done until bed time, I did however get some work done just not as much as I had hoped.


Due to the way this week worked out Sunday was going to have to be a workday. What complicates this is the fact that it is also my wedding anniversary.

Now I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before or not, but to recap, my wife and I have an unusual marriage in that we both are very like-minded.

We both like to spend time on our own, a lot of time, we both think there are far too many reasons to buy gifts for people; Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day. The list goes on and on.

So we do Christmas, birthdays and mother and fathers day and that’s it. When it comes to mother and fathers day I don’t have any parents to buy for and Leigh (my wife) only has her mum.

So for today we had agreed no presents but that we were going out for dinner this evening, so the day was our own. This meant I could knuckle down and have a solid workday. Dinner with Leigh in the evening then back home to relax and watch a bit of TV before bed.

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