Why people with Autism are AWESOME

People with Autism, Asperger’s and ASD, however you clarify it are very different at first glance, but many of our quirks that you see as weaknesses, we see as strengths. They are qualities about us that make us quite different to the norm (neurotypical’s) or NT’s for short.

They are qualities that once you get used to us, or are around us for any length of time, you will see, give us a unique outlook on life and are far from being quirks, disabilities or troublesome, but in fact are strengths. Here are just a few of our many strengths

We always tell the truth so there’s no messing around, we tell it as it is. If you want someone to lie, don’t ask anyone with an ASD but if what you’re looking for is a no holes barred answer no matter how much it hurts then come to us, we’ll do the tough jobs everyone else won’t.

We are loyal and dependable, getting ahead is less important than meeting challenges. We like the puzzles, we would rather be solving puzzles at work, than worrying about promotions.

We pursue ideas we believe in and don’t get deterred by what others think and say. If we have an idea or a task in mind we see it through and only don’t complete it, if it’s the logical course of action.

We are sincere, positive and genuine, we look on the bright side and are relentlessly optimistic, we will always see something good in every situation no matter how bleak things may look.

We speak our minds regardless of the social context, we don’t tread carefully so not to offend or stay in favour with people, and we don’t worry about not being honest and always agreeing with our peers and employers.

Trusting of others to the point of being naïve, charmingly so, but naïve none the less. This does have the disadvantage of making us a little gullible and easy to take advantage of our trusting nature.

Direct and honest, we value honesty above all things and we would be unlikely to trust a person that took advantage of that trust.

Enjoy solitude and will often undertake solitary work that others would rather avoid. We would see these jobs as a joy to undertake rather than a chore.

Someone who has an ASD tends to be free from bias and discrimination based on gender, age, race or other differences, we see people as people and would treat everyone the same.

Not inclined to be social manipulators, con artists or bullies we see things in logical terms and don’t take unfair advantage of people.

People with an ASD on the whole tend to be bright, funny, logical, honest, persistent and hard-working. It can be difficult to get used to us on a day-to-day basis as we are unique, quite different from the norm and if you are not used to being around us, can be misinterpreted as rude, blunt and insensitive, but this is not the case at all.

Just get to know us, (which we won’t make easy for you) and you will begin to see that we are just different, and no offence is meant it’s just that we think in black and white terms and are honest in a world where most people lie, and as you get to know us you too will see just how AWESOME we are.

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