My Sensory Input (Television, Music and Talking)

I thought I would do a post about my sensory input, I spend 99.9% of my time doing one of these three things, either watching TV, listening to music, or talking. Right now as I’m writing this post I have my headphones on and I am listening to music.



I always seem to be doing something, I seem unable to just sit and do nothing, If I have nothing to do, or I just want to take a break to eat, I will put something on the TV. I have made sure that I always have plenty to watch, I have Sky+ HD and record everything, I never watch programmes when they’re on. I will record everything and watch it so that I can skip past the adverts, I also have multiple online services to watch films and programmes, netflix being just one of them.

So if I have nothing to watch on sky, I just switch to one of my online services and watch programmes there, where I have the added benefit of no adverts. I have regular programmes in my favourites so I can easily find and see if I have new episodes to watch. If I run out of programmes the films are updated almost daily, and if there are no films that I want to watch, I have a few stable series of programmes that I don’t get bored watching and will re-watch again and again.

I have around half a dozen of these series and it can take weeks to get through all of the episodes and seasons, especially as I only watch these when I have nothing else to watch, they are my go to viewing if there is nothing to watch when I just want an hours TV while I’m having lunch or just taking a break to gather my thoughts before I continue.


when I am driving, on my computer or in bed, are the main times I listen to music. The time at my desk is quite considerable. I always seem to be doing something on here either writing posts, doing designs for logos or just pottering with the website, either way I seem to spend a great deal of time in front of my laptop, and take it out with me if I think I will get a chance to do some writing. Now my music is as considerable as my television with multiple ways to listen, in my car I have CD’s that I change when I get bored with an album, on my computer I have iTunes and quite a collection of songs, and I transfer all this music to online services so that I can listen to them, wherever I am.


I use my phone for the online services so no matter where I am, I can listen to a wide range of music, whatever I’m in the mood for. If I’m at the gym I want something very up tempo, but in my car or any other time it’s just what I’m in the mood for, and my taste is very diverse, ranging from classical to heavy metal, it’s usually heavy metal in the gym.

I find that my blog is a great release, like talking, if I have thoughts about something I will sit down and type it up. Some make it onto the blog and some don’t, it will just depend on if I think it’s any good or not. When I’m in bed I will always favour something calm to listen to, to settle me down and help me fall asleep, which more often than not tends to be classical.

At the moment I have a mix of Linkin Park and Lukas Graham, Linkin Park as along with Metallica, they seem to be the two bands I listen to the most (much to Leigh’s disapproval). Lukas Graham as this is the latest album I bought and it’s already in my car and online so I can listen to it anywhere.

I can’t listen to anything with a thumping base like drum and base, and dub-step apparently. I say apparently, as I had no idea what this kind of music was called and I had to phone Juno to find out, drum and base I’ve heard of, but dub-step I have no idea what this is, I know it makes me sound old, trust me it makes me feel old.

The trouble I have with this music with a thumping base, is it is actually painful to my ears and head, to listen to, I think it’s just the tone, it’s very low, I can listen to Metallica and Linkin Park with no problem, but if a car goes past me with thumping music I have to cover my ears.


Now, every time I am not listening to music or watching TV, if I’m out for coffee or lunch, just sitting round Juno’s house, anywhere I will talk, if I’m alone my music goes on, but if I’m in company, I talk.

Leigh hates this, I seem to end up talking AT her as she doesn’t respond that much, I think it wears her out and every time I walk into the room, she will roll her eyes sigh and say “oh no what now”.

I don’t get deterred, the advantage of Asperger’s is I don’t realise that she doesn’t want to talk until she says something like “did the sigh and the oh no NOT make you realise I didn’t want to talk”. Well no, I HAVE ASPERGER’S I’m sure she’s aware of this.

This comes back to my post titled ‘you don’t understand me’ anyway to carry on, I do give Leigh a break, although she doesn’t think so. I will go into the room and talk to her/at her for a while then I’ll go back to my room and get on with whatever I was doing before I left. Then later on I will think of something else I want to discuss with, or ask Leigh and back I go (repeat as before).

It’s no different with Juno the only difference is that Juno can keep up with me when it comes to talking, and it’s a fight to keep her talking about MY subject. I do try to be interested when she’s talking about hair dressing or something like that, but I know half the time I just zone out, and end up getting an ear full from her.

When I’m around strangers and people I don’t know very well, I’m the complete opposite, I will sit quietly and not say a word, but will be keeping a keen eye out ready in case someone tries to talk to or touch me, so I can try to keep my distance. More often than not, if nobody talks to me for a little while or they wonder off away from me, or into another room, I will reach for my phone and put some music on, or at least play a game. I need some kind of input and it is much preferred to talking to strangers.

In summary, you will normally find me doing one of these three things, I just can’t be still I need sensory input all the time.

It sounds silly but without it, it’s too quiet and I end up stimming more.

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