Here I’m going to tell all about Leigh to try and give you a picture of Leigh as a person, I don’t how well I”ll do and I’m sure she will be the first to say if I’ve done a bad job.

This is Leigh


So here goes, Leigh is 35 and yes dear I wrote this before your birthday so that you are younger, so the first thing is she hates her age, she was 21 when we met and she was like it then as well, but as I keep telling her, she she will never catch up with me.

She has fibromyalgia, depression, IBS, endometriosis, social anxiety and anxiety, greedy ain’t she. Her depression she’s had since she was eighteen, she has been medicated for this since then she has a good handle on it, when she’s having a bad day she stays home, but the rest of the time, she puts a brave face on it, paints on a smile (or what she calls a smile) not much of a smiler is our Leigh, as you can see on her avatar above (which was done by Leigh herself) and goes out to face the world.

Up next are her anxieties and the reason we get on so well, and this is the area we are the most alike. Her anxieties means she tries to avoid people within reason, she would rather go shopping at night when its quieter, it’s not unknown for her to go shopping at midnight.

She is after all a woman and does like to shop, so she will go to the shops during the day, especially  for clothes, but if it’s too busy she will leave and come home. Like me, she doesn’t like groups. People in a shop that she doesn’t have to interact with is one thing, but to having to deal with people is a big no-no, she even uses self checkout whenever possible.

The idea of going to a group setting and talking is something neither one of us will do, and any public place that is too busy she will leave, she has even left the doctors before due to having to wait in a busy waiting room for too long.

Her endometriosis and IBS are two things that don’t cause her many problems these days, she has medications for IBS but for the most part she controls it fairly well with not many flair ups, but the condition that causes her the most problems is her fibromyalgia.


Leigh’s fibromyalgia is a daily problem for her, she suffers with headaches, tiredness, pain in her joints, jaw pain, pins and needles,  and general pain all over her body. It has got so bad that she now walks with a walking stick, so as you can see she has her own set of issues that make mine seem quite mild, but she still thinks that she’s the “normal” one, and I’m odd the way that I am, not seriously though, we are always saying to each other that when one of our differences pops up, we rib each other about it.

As you can see we do have fun together, when Leigh is not too drained she can be quite funny and I’m always funny, but Leigh would say she’s funny ha ha, and I’m funny strange, “thanks love” but at home we are both very much in our comfort zones, and as I have mentioned before we spend a fair amount in the same house but not together.

I have a room with my computer, TV, and android box for netflix etc. and playstation so I have every thing I need in one room, well not everything, I do have use the kitchen for food and bathroom for the toilet, but other than that I have everything I need. Leigh has in her room her TV, android box, laptop and what I call her project corner ,where she does all sorts of craft things and her make up.

Now the one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is coffee, as you can see from the picture Leigh has a coffee cup in her hand as she usually does, we are all big coffee drinkers, decaf for me but as they call it ‘proper’ coffee for Leigh, and we do get through a fair amount of it.

So all in all our lives are for the most part how we like them, peaceful and stress free, at least while we are at home, once we leave home the stress goes into overdrive, and with not too many surprises and that’s good enough for us.

By Tom.


Leigh’s response.


Erm….great now the whole world knows my age, thanks babe. I may never catch up to you but damn I feel older than you are now, so as I keep saying to you, “can you imagine how old I’m gonna feel when I AM your age?”

Today is the first day I am able to reply as I am in the middle of a Fibro flair up, so have been shattered, now comes the pain part of it.

Well I can honestly say that I’ve never been “Normal”, but what is normal anyway? It’s overrated if you ask me. I’ve always preferred to be in my own company rather than that of others.

I have no tolerance for other people’s rubbish, most of which is brought on by their own behaviour, so I stay away for my own sanity….much better that way.

Yes I do have many problems, both mentally and physically. I have daily struggles but it helps to stay at home and away from people.

I have never liked being in the company of someone for this long, fourteen years, wow, I’m amazed. It helps that above all else, myself and Tom are best friends, always have been.

Of course we have had our problems over the years, who hasn’t?! most though are through no fault of our own, we have worked through them. We’re so much alike that it makes both our lives easier by being together.

We very rarely go out together these days, Tom goes to see his Grandson alone and I see my family alone. Although as I am in pain today, we both have to endure the madness of food shopping . I’m anxious as Tom has a seriously sweet tooth and it is honestly like walking round with a toddler.

No seriously, if I’m not looking, I will find random sweet items in my trolley at checkout so I have to watch him like a hawk. He thinks he’s so amusing, I turn and look at him, he’s looking away with a cheesy grin, 9/10 though he does get away with it as he’s spoilt.

Ok, running out of things to say for now, but I will be back soon….(Looking forward to that arn’t you)!

By Leigh


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