What can I tell you about Juno, she is 22 years old and will be 23 in two months, she has a son Aston who is 3yrs old, this month and she has just got engaged. She has not had the best run of luck growing up, but things for her are really coming together now.

This is Juno

unnamed (3)

She spent her primary school and the beginning of secondary school years going too and fro between mine and her mothers, the later years were spent with her mother. She has never got along with her, and they clashed constantly. Both myself and her mother used to move quite frequently not sure why she did, but for me, the reason I moved so often was boredom. I got bored living in the same place for too long and would move, I still do I have been at my current address for over two years and feel like moving already.

At the first opportunity, Juno moved out and stayed with friends, she moved back near me just after her 18th birthday and for a while lived in a youth hostel until she fell pregnant, when she got her first house. If you ask her she will tell you that having Aston is the best thing that has ever happened to her, and that he is the love of her life.

As I have said in previous posts she is very lively and very loud, she has so much energy I don’t where she gets it from, except when Aston has kept her up all night. She is currently training at college in hair dressing and barbering and doing very well.

We have one day every week when Aston is not at school that we get together and play with Aston and go out for lunch or coffee, as I have mentioned before we are all big coffee drinkers none more so than Juno who will always think to deviate past Costa whenever we go anywhere but still decaf for me.

She is full of feelings which is the complete opposite of me and makes it difficult, as I never know why she feels the way she does good or bad, and she is always so happy and bubbly with anyone she comes into contact with even if she is complaining unless of course we are at the hospital.

I end up in hospital quite frequently which I will go into detail in another post, Juno is very caring and any time I end up in hospital I always end up with both Leigh and Juno up the hospital, and sometimes even Aston. Juno will come and visit if I’m admitted and will soon sort the nurses out if allowances are not being made for my Asperger’s or my medication is wrong, just about anything really, we will be talking and will say how are you and if I say anything is wrong she is straight out to the nurses station to sort it out.

Juno has a fairly hectic life she works in a salon one day a week, goes to college two days a week has an online business to stay on top of, and a little ball of energy called Aston that keeps her busy the rest of the time, and if that’s not enough for her, she has to put up with me one day a week as well.

By Tom

Juno’s response.

I asked Juno to give me a response to this and Aston’s posts, she gave a short response to Aston’s but said she had nothing to add for hers and it took me about a week to get her response on Aston’s, but if you have any questions for her I will try my best to get her to answer them, you never know if people start asking her questions directly, she may decide that she should be nice and answer all your questions, because when she has the time she is very nice and polite and loves talking about Aston especially.
By Juno

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