Aston, he is only just coming up to his third birthday but has already left his mark, he has several moods, calm, usually when he’s with me, a nightmare running around causing destruction around the house, usually when he’s with Juno, and many in between. The ones we see the most of are being calm, and chilling in front of the TV, lively when he is full of beans and running circles around all of us, and upset usually accompanied by a meltdown.

This is Aston

unnamed (4)

Aston is currently being tested for Autism as he too, is showing signs, and we get along so well because I totally get the way he is, even the way he plays, he seems to react to the people he is with. He is calm with me because I’m calm. He is lively with Juno because she is lively and he just seems to echo your behaviour.

He attends pre school for full days, four days a week and he really enjoys it, you can tell when he is not at school that he wants more activities like he gets at school. He loves making dens and playing with his nerf guns, what he calls U U’s it’s the sound he makes when he plays with it, and his cars. He is very obsessive about what he watches on TV he goes through phases, recently he had a blaze phase where that is all he would watch.

He has had phases for Blaze, Scooby Doo, sponge-bob, pokemon and many others but it is always obsessive, where he will watch the same thing over and over all day, for days at a time or even weeks. He is very selective with his food, he like things just so, if you do it wrong he won’t eat it, his favourite and the food he eats the most is sandwiches, and if Juno will let him, chocolate spread, but then why not, chocolate spread sandwiches are the best.

The signs he has been showing which first alerted Juno were his meltdowns, he will throw himself on the floor and hit himself in the head quite hard, he will hit himself, or you if he is having a meltdown he plays differently he will line things up. One day Juno watched him for twenty minutes, he lined up batteries. He will lick you and as I said, likes his food a certain way he is very fussy with what he eats.

He has sensitivities with his clothes and hates labels which have to be cut out of his clothes, he loves running and will run up and down his bedroom for as long as he can, he is a joy to be around, as long as he’s in a good mood then he’s a little diamond.

By Tom

Juno’s response

Aston and my Dad have a great bond. They seem to be on the same wavelength and they do just seem to get each other.

Aston is the life of the party but he is also a huge ‘Mummy’s boy’ and we are very in tune with each others feelings. Aston is also quite sensitive just like me.

We are trying to get a diagnosis for Aston’s behaviours, however he has been taken off ‘the radar’ due to his age. As I have grown up with Autism all around me (my Dad, cousins, niece, etc.) I know the signs, so thankfully I am somewhat aware of how to deal with it.

Despite all of the above, Aston is the absolute light of my life. He’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. He is polite, intuitive, funny, so intelligent and everybody that meets him just falls in love with him.

By Juno


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