About Me

Hi, my name is Tom and I have Autism, (Asperger’s syndrome). I am in my mid 40’s at the time of writing this, I am 47 years old and only got my diagnosis in 2013 so 4 years ago.

I am married to Leigh whom I have been with for fourteen years, and she has to put up with my lack of helping around the house, my constant talking, my obsessions, stimming and the routines that drive her up the wall. Before you start feeling too sorry for her she has her own set of quirks, her impulsiveness, her 12hr sleeps, pyjama days and smoking tut tut.

Then there’s my daughter Juno, who is, well to call her bubbly would be an under statement, she’s very hyper, loud and needy with her feelings, so not my strong suit, but her fiancé is on hand for her needy feelings. We have “dad day” one day a week when we get together, spend time together, and go out for lunch or coffee and I nag her to see how many coffees I can get her to make me when I’m there.

She too has to tolerate my quirks, but only for one day a week but she gets payback with all the babysitting she asks me to do for Aston.

Aston is my grandson, a little ball of energy that runs circles around all of us. He is currently being tested for Autism as he too is showing signs. He attends pre school four days a week, he has the day off on “dad day” so we can all spend time together. You usually find Aston and I playing in his room building dens or lining up cars, that is when he hasn’t decided to take all his clothes off and run up and down his bedroom for as long as possible. But I wouldn’t change him.

Through my posts you will hear about all off these people a lot, Leigh, Juno and Aston, and on occasion you may see the odd post by Leigh and Juno, you will hear the things I go through and what Leigh and Juno have to put up with, the good and bad.